Aug 2017

陽光 Human Engineering Lab Exhibition'17

陽光 Human Engineering Lab Exhibition'17
The exposition immerses in the atmosphere of an illegal clinic, where experiments and treatment are practiced, which are impossible to imagine even in countries with the highest level of scientific development. Here you will experience the possibilities of medicine of the future and become a participant in an art experiment: you will be able to undergo individual diagnostics and treatment using advanced scientific developments.
The artists studied medical technologies ahead of time and recreated them using sensors, neural interfaces, lasers, kinect, projectors, paints, sculptures and virtual reality. Each hall imitates a specialist's office, and the viewer is a patient of a high—tech clinic.

Выставка 陽光 Human Engeneering Lab
Добро пожаловать в 陽光 Human Engeneering Lab — сверхсекретную клинику, где ставятся арт-эксперименты над вашим сознанием.
Curiosity Media Lab. Students 2016 final project
Curiosity Media Lab. Students 2016 final project
«Марс» анонсировал новую выставку «Human Engeneering Lab»
Центр современного искусства «Марс» анонсировал новую выставку «Human Engeneering Lab», созданную выпускниками лаборатории медиаэкспериментов Curiosity Media Lab. Об этом «Афише Daily» рассказала пресс-служба ...

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