Carnival is the time of magic; it's a day when panhuman claim for miracle can be fulfilled, a day devoted to spending and playing, sort of expiated from practical purposes and concerns about tomorrow. It's time for fest. Nativity is one of traditional genres we address to, but we don't want to expound the canonical narrative: we want to process the fundamental metaphors of Nativity Play using sophisticated language of tech. Sophisticated in the context of production and the very organisation of the performance. We come across various technologies at every turn but we don't see anything mirific in it. A big part in the performance is shared with human mastery, presence, skill. The very person is a miracle, but not abstractive technologies.
Co-production with Liquid Theatre and Low Tech Studio
Media/video - Eugene Afonin, Kirill Pleshkevich, Roman Gavrilov
Media Art & Stuff

The performance combines digital techniques and analog backgrounds, movements and gimmicks of aerial artists, live music, singing, live video, human actions in synthesis of theatre and media, where a man is a character, demiurge, a creator, and projector lens acts as garantor that miracle is possible. Optics of contemporary theatre and future technologies help to draw nearer this sense of miracle as the main driving force of life.

Director - Dmitry Melkin
Producer - Olga Korshakova

The annual ritualism, emphasized cycling of that which is happening on earth each and every year give us cosmic sensation of "searching for authentic meaning trip". Nativity aesthetics of presenting men, conversion of beyond belief things using the simpliest tools in many respects is aesthetics of street theatre.

As a year calendar oriented the performance exists in 2 versions:
vol.1 - a winter version, vol.2 - a spring version.

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